Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The DC and the Soccer Balls

It was a most remarkable evening. We were having dinner with the DC[ District Commissioner] Anna Rose. She had organized a soccer tournament for tomorrow. She was at wits' end because she was expected to provide the 4 soccer balls and she did not have the money to purchase them. She was going on about how terrible it would be if, after all the work that she and other organizers had done, she did not come up with them.
Miriam and I looked at each other and smiled. We both were thinking the same thing. Aimee Fagent, a teacher from San Diego , who was the first AA volunteer, had left 4 [not 3 or 5] soccer balls at Bustani House when she returned home a week ago. I said, "Mama[ this how you address a woman in Tanzania], please close your eyes." Miriam and I then raced upstairs, gathered the balls from my closet and brought them down stairs. With us standing at the end of the table with the balls in our hands, we said "Mama, now please open your eyes". When she saw the soccer balls she burst into tears of joy. Was it just a coincidence that Aimee had left the exact number of balls needed to save the day for the DC or the good karma that has been generated by the connecting of people through AA? We will never know. The DC has so many good ideas to help her community and she is working very hard to achieve them. I said to her " Mama, be careful what you wish for, they may come true!"
More about the DC and her ideas in a later blog.

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